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we build and maintain great websites for small businesses

our mission is to be the best possible option in terms of customer service, technical expertise and website performance

Our Website Development Process

We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you because we understand that you have a business to run and you're hiring us to get the job done. So, here's how it works...

  • Call to arrange a meeting and together, we’ll discuss the best way to communicate the value and nature of your products and services
  • our fixed price quote and we’ll get started upon acceptance of the quote (which is $1900 +GST for all premium business websites)
  • We’ll write and add the copy to create your new website
  • You’ll receive a draft for review and be able to request as many changes as required
  • We'll launch your website and continue to monitor its performance and search engine ranking for the duration of your time with us (hopefully forever)
  • You’ll pat yourself on the back for having made such a wise decision

Fast Turnaround

On average, it takes us about 8 weeks to build and launch our websites but we can get them out in as little as 2 weeks

Technically Awesome

We pay VERY close attention to the technical details such as site speed, mobile optimisation, search engine optimisation, traffic monitoring and all that stuff that you know is both important and sometimes confusing - we've got your back.

If You Require Additional Functionality

While our standard inclusions cover the majority of our clients' needs, we're able to offer a whole host of additional functionality and features such as

  • Blogs
  • Online booking widgets
  • Payment gateways
  • Owner content editing
  • G-Suite professional email and cloud software
  • Custom search engines
  • Addition of any other custom built functionality or third-party add-on

Our Website Development Process

Ready to get in touch?

We'd be very keen to chat with you about how we can deliver the best website you've ever had - we promise!

Don't believe the hype - check out these lovely testimonials...

Ultimately, happy customers are what we aim for and so we're very happy to regularly get high praise for the services we provide. Here are a few examples...

Matt & Bec Conway
The Burger Rebellion

"Cloud Concepts' web design is an all-encompassing approach that small business owners will appreciate, knowing that every aspect has been taken care of.

Ollie's friendly nature makes him easy to work with and his marketing knowledge is a huge asset."

Sue Montgomery
Coaching Professionals Group

"What sets Ollie apart is his presence, he communicates regularly, he follows up and made me feel comfortable to ask loads of questions.

Ollie has been fantastic to work with. He has extensive knowledge, commitment to the client - he listens..."

Mark Power
Evolution Road

"Ollie delivered with an engaging website which has won us new clients, an important factor in making our first year of business a successful one. 

Ollie reviews our needs and provides upgrades on a consistent basis and has become part of the furniture at Evolution Road"