Using Fiverr to Outsource: Valuing your own time

There has to come a point in your professional career where you start to question how much you value your time. If you don’t value your own time, I guarantee no one else will. 

This is where the question of outsourcing comes into play. And how I started to learn the value of it was through Fiverr. Fiverr’s a website where you can find freelancers to do certain tasks, usually minor ones, although some offer more elaborate services, for a significantly higher cost. 

It started when I needed some Photoshop editing done, just basic editing - removing this, covering up that. I could have done it myself, and I could do the editing of one photo in about thirty minutes. I had thirty. 

I spent some time, looked around on Fiverr, and eventually, I found this guy who could do it. It took him about an hour to do thirty images. 

Let’s do some basic math here: I knew I could do it myself for one photo in thirty minutes, and he was able to get through about 30 images in around an hour. We’re talking about hours of saved time on my part. Well worth the already reasonable fee.

Now yes, I could have done it myself and saved the money, but when you find the right resources and the right people on Fiverr, people who are going to do it well, you’re ultimately saving your time for more valuable things you need to be doing. In the hours it would have taken me to complete the work myself, I was instead able to take care of other necessary business, business that I certainly couldn’t outsource to other people to do.

I began using him pretty regularly, any photo editing work, making things transparent or processing logos, and I’ve been using him for over a year now, and it’s saved me countless hours on different tasks. 

That’s when I started questioning what else I should be using Fiverr for and looking through what it has to offer and looking at how I could make more extensive use of it. There are plenty of services, so I wanted to find the right ones to be more efficient with my time, since, as we all know, time is money. As of now, I use it pretty regularly for SEO work, page checking, type rewriting, video transcription blogs, and copy editing. I even found someone to help set up Shopify accounts and upload all the images and data, since I don’t do e-commerce anyways, so really I was able to provide alternate services to my own clients, too. 

You certainly want to be sure to look around a bit, find the right people; not everyone available is going to be the right fit for you. Once you do find the right people though, you’ve got someone you can outsource to on a regular basis. I even have some recommendations, if you’re looking for people!  

The reality is that being able to outsource the smaller tasks makes me more efficient. Efficiency is crucial when it comes to running a business because it allows me to use my time better and have more time to do the things that will really help my business grow. You’re finding people who can do a job better than you can, which means you’re understanding the value of your own time and keeping within your own talents. That’s what will make you a successful business owner - valuing what you can do and valuing what you can hire others to do for you.

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Using Fiverr to Outsource: Valuing your own time
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