Saving Your Clients Time: A lesson learned from observation

Time is a precious commodity, and only a fool would want or choose to waste it. 

This is why when I was watching a client, whose website I don’t manage, finagling his way through WordPress, trying in vain to add a new page to his website, trying to figure out its interface, sorting out how to post and publish, I had to question how on earth this was a valuable use of his time?

WordPress, which presents itself as a usable interface, is complex and requires a decent amount of skill and familiarity with it in order to be usable.  This is the case even for someone with the technical skill and experience that I possess, let alone for a mere mortal. 

Website designers who use it regularly, are often significantly more familiar with its inner workings than say, the COO of a business attempting a one-time use for publishing or even merely updating a page. 

Call me crazy, but the COO of a multi-million dollar business, mucking around with Word Press, trying to upload documents, is an inefficient use of not only his time but of his company's money and resources. 

If a business has hired a service provider of any kind then I believe that any means by which the provider can effectively save their clients time should probably be included in the services offered. 

Ignoring this concept will mean you earn less, are less useful than you could be and ultimately leave the door open for a competitor to take your hard-won client away.

Save Time

As a service business owner, the focus should be on saving your clients' time in whatever way you can do that. 

Consider asking yourself: what other aspects of your clients’ needs could be incorporated or offered as part of your package? What extensions could you offer with your package to include this service? What are the best ways you can use your time and your talents effectively, that allow your client’s business to function more efficiently? 

Meeting the needs of the client is how any service businesses earn a name for themselves and gain more and more clients. The more successful your client is, the more successful you will find yourself to be as well. And we all want to be successful, don’t we?

Make Life Easier

If there’s an opportunity to make things easier for your client, my recommendation is that you dive in and take advantage of that opportunity. The better you treat your client, the more likely they are to return to you for future services and recommend you to their networks. The more useful you make yourself to a client, the more invaluable they will feel your services are. The more you do for your clients, the more viable your business becomes, and the more successful you will find your business to be,

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Saving Your Clients Time: A lesson learned from observation
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