5 Tips for Business Blogging

Previously, we published an article on why your business should be blogging. Mainly because a successful content marketing strategy is essential to strengthening your online presence and growing your small business. Blogging and blogging well is also a core component of any good SEO strategy. And perhaps most importantly, blogging is a great means to authentically connect with your customers and share with them the value you provide. So if you’re ready to start, here are our top 5 tips for business blogging! 

1. Start simple

The best place to start is with what you know. Write articles based around your core services or products. Explain the ins and outs of what they are and why people might need them. An example of this would be a financial advisor writing a post on “So what actually is superannuation and why is it important?” You can also explore your Frequently Asked Questions as a source. What are you being asked about time and time again? Is there a question that you find people regularly want answers to or a problem that people face that you can provide a solution to? This ties into the SEO benefits of blogging. If there's a question people commonly search for and your blog post answers it, you’re driving higher traffic to your website through that post.  

2. Do your research!

This is what determines the quality of your content. Anyone can write about anything, but can you back it up? Researching what other people have to say on the topic, as well as some surrounding data and statistics, can elevate the relevance of your content. People like to see evidence and proof. If your piece is more of an opinion, provide some testimonials or some of your own research. It can also inspire your writing as you discover new and interesting things along the way. 

3. Read, edit, and read again 

I will be the first to admit that I am not the best editor, especially when it comes to picking up small spelling mistakes! All my past lecturers would probably attest to this. Even though it is a little tedious and boring sometimes, reading, editing and re-reading your posts is important. A well-crafted article that flows, with minimal fluff and no mistakes, is easier to read and implies professionalism and expertise. I recommend getting someone else to read the article before posting. A different set of eyes will pick up on things that you miss. There are also great tools available such as Grammarly and the Hemmingway App. Once I’ve finished a post, I like to leave it overnight before publishing, just to see if I come up with anything different or useful and to ponder on anything that I’m having second thoughts about. 

4. Include a call to action at the end

This is especially important for small businesses. If someone has reached the end of your article, they are interested and engaged. You’ve offered your expertise and solutions to them, so now is the time to offer your service. There is an opportunity here to include a lead generation tool, potentially in the form of a download, survey or quiz. It doesn’t have to be “salesy”. It can even be as simple as a “we’re here to chat if you want to know more”. 

5. Get your socials involved

Make the most of your social media reach and share your content across multiple platforms. You can simply post a link to your blog, use some of the key points from the blog itself to create social posts, or even push it further and run social advertisements promoting your article. And if writing is something you struggle with, maybe speaking is more your thing. Videos are a very valid form of blogging! And once you’ve made your video, it’s not too hard to have it transcribed into a written post.

Bonus tip: Coffee and croissants are great fuel.

Blogging is a great strategy when leveraging the internet to grow your small business. We hope this has inspired you to get started. We also understand the time constraints many small business owners face, which is why we offer a blog service to our clients. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch!

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