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Our background lies in web development, which extends right the way from building and marketing websites through to the development of cloud-based business software. 

By focusing on the needs of brick and mortar, small and medium businesses, we're able to deliver a holistic range of solutions for all things web.

Website Development

Our websites are built specifically for the small or medium business owner.
Beyond simply building the website, we focus our service to make the process as straightforward and easy for you as possible.
We include professional copywriting on every website and can organise professional photography and brand development where needed.
The end result is a website built with careful consideration and which minimises the time investment from you.
Over the life of the website, we offer unlimited content updates included in our annual hosting fees as well as periodic reports to keep you updated on how your website is going.
Beyond the list of standard inclusion, we're also able to add upgrades like blogs, booking widgets, payment gateways and any number of custom built or third party integrations - just ask :)

Fixed Upfront Pricing

We're big believers in simplifying business as much as possible.  To that end, we have opted to set a fixed fee for our websites at $1900 + GST.
Why this price?  We feel this represents fair market value for the job we do.  Rather than waste time and energy in preparing lengthy custom quotes, we're able to save both our clients and us a lot of hassle by taking on the responsibility of being efficient and delivering within that price point.
Please get in touch to see how we can help you get your business' website up to speed...

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Website Development

What's Included in Our $1900 Full Service Websites

Below is a summary of the standard inclusions in all of our websites. We firmly believe that we're creating the best possible option in terms of both value and technical function for the small or medium business owner. We go to great lengths to make the process as transparent and inclusive as possible...

  • Professional copywriting by Jody Carey Marketing Communications
  • Professionally designed
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Social media sharing optimised
  • Very high-level search engine optimisation
  • Google Analytics installation and event tracking setup
  • Strategic content and sitemap planning session

  • Unlimited content and image updates
  • Ongoing technical upgrades & security updates
  • Regular website traffic and usage reports
  • First 12 months of hosting and management ($160/year thereafter)
  • Daily backups to Google Drive
  • Contact form spam filtering
  • Fast website loading times (average Google page speed speed score of 84%)

Search Engine Marketing

It's one thing to have a website that engages your clients and generates leads, but how do you ensure you're getting as much traffic to your site as possible?
This is where Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) comes in.
Effective SEM strategies capture your clients' attention when they type in keywords or phrases that relate to the products and services your business has to offer.
You could think of this as marketing to users based on their intent.
An example might be to show an ad for a mechanic's website whenever anyone Google's "starter motor" or "carburettor" (yes, I had to Google how to spell that word - I've no real idea what that thing even does).
Beyond having your website show up in searches for "mechanic" as a result of a well-optimised website, SEM campaigns can capture extra more obscure search terms.
It's a way of casting the net wider and then honing this source of traffic over time to make sure you're getting as much of the relevant traffic that is out there.

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Search Engine Marketing

Cloud Software Development & Consulting

As you're probably very well aware, cloud computing is having a major impact on business and the ability to do business in a more efficient and effective way.
We've been building cloud software since 2006 and have amassed a significant amount of expertise in providing off-the-shelf or custom built software to dozens of businesses.
Whether it be entire management backends, custom business intelligence software development, Google G-Suite deployments, sourcing and deploying project and time management tools or helping clients make better use of the software they already have - we can help
Feel free to drop us a line to see if we can help you take your business processes into the 21st century and save you time, stress and resource wastage.
Cloud Concepts are authorised partners or resellers for
  • Google G-Suite
  • ServiceM8
  • JGID
  • Spanning Backup 

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Cloud Software Development & Consulting

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